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  Dream Number: #356
Dream Type: a little unnerving
Date Posted: 5/24/2009

the_meistergeist from remembers this:

I remember first being in a university classroom. There were many people there, listening attentively. A female character I never quite saw was also there, just radiating evil. This character apparently had an underground facility where she killed people. A boy in the class knew how evil she was, and the night before had set out with a camcorder to find the entrance to her secret lair. He was just about to present this video to the class, proving once and for all who she really was, when she stepped up first with her own video. It was the same as his, except she manipulated it. It was her following him to the entrance. It showed him pulling out a human from a hole in the ground hidden inside a locker outside a nondescript building (the entrance) and killing them. The boy was shocked as he was hauled away. /\/\/\/\/\

Pretty soon, I get the idea that I've fallen on hard times and can't keep myself afloat. I go and look for the hole in the ground, finding it with surprising ease. It looked so ominous and frightful. A disembodied voice, the evil woman's, asks me if I truly want to go down there. I reply with a jump. When I get down there, nothing, absolutely nothing, is how I thought it would be. /\/\/\/\/\
It's a supermarket, and a large one. We, the willing slaves, were workers. I remember the woman's presence being close to mine the entire time, feeling somehow of approval. We were treated like scum, not allowed to touch anything, bring anything outside, or sit on the "healing benches" (on which I saw multiple elderly people sitting). I remember not being so apt at the rules, making mistakes here and there, but quickly retracting with apologies. I think because she liked me so much was the reason I didn't get punished./\/\/\/\/\

And then, I woke up.

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