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  Dream Number: #35
Dream Type: Confusing
Date Posted: 10/5/2005

Amber from Edinboro remembers this:

I had this dream and I knew I had it before while i was having it. It starts off with me in
this huge room, very high ceiling, big empty floor, two glass staricases going up, and girls
in glass dresses floating up. I am stuck there in the center of the room, I don't even
attempt to move. I fall asleep there standing up. When I wake up I go outside to this
courtyard where many hundred girls are there, all very pretty in nice cocktail dresses
smiling. one girl comes up to me and gives me this huge hug, and says "Thank you for looking
like shit." we huged for a long while and talked very close, we slightly placed our lips
together as we uttered a few words. i step back from myself so i can see my character, she
she is wearing an old, pale pink vintage style dress with little sleeves, V-neck, a bow at
the waist, and a fluffy skirt ending at the knees. it seems like it is a long time ago and
we were in a pageant or something. I have frizzy, messy, crimpy shoulder lenght grey hair
that is big and everywhere. My grey eyes are sunken in with dark circles around them. I have
a little nose and a very round smooth face that was pale and grey. dispite how i looked I
was very beautiful. my friend and I then go into the huge building in search of a bathroom.
I say i need to brush my teeth.we left the pretty girls holding the drinks and laughting in
the sun and entered the building. it had golden brown soft fuzzy like carpet and gold,
brown, and yellow design wallpaper with brown wood particians on the wall. this place was
like a maze. we begain to run, not full speed but fast. we would run straight, then turn
right, straight, then right again. always right. we finally found a bathroom at the end of
the hall.it was on the right side of course. as we entered there is a long white counter
with several sinks with mirrors in front. at the one closest to the door was this lady,
about our height who was heavy wearing a grey t-shirt and cutting her already short blond
hair. it was wet and only a few inches long. next to her was this little blond haired blue
eyed boy wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and a black tie. he is sitting on the
counter peeing and making a puddle. he then plays in it and is scooping it up and drinking
it. I say no, and try to get the boy to stop without touching him. i ask the lady if she is
a mom, even though i knew she wasnt his mom, she said she was but not his. she said it is
okay for him to drink it for it is not dirty. he then places his head by the pee and slirps
it up. for some reason I think his name is Brian. I then see that next to him is this
coke a cola napkin with a white separation of dressing across the middle and in black
capital typed thick letters is the name BRIAN WEST. I also know that this boy was running
around the halls when we were too. i then go into one of the green doored bathroom stalls.
to the right is this little cabnet with no door covering, just a black boarder sticking out
with this cloth picture of Bob Marley inside. next to that is a big tollet paper container
and next to that is a trash can. it was very crammed. i pick up my pink flowy puffy dress
and squatting i try to pee. i try and try but can't. i finally did after a while.

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