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  Dream Number: #336
Dream Type: Work
Date Posted: 1/15/2009

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

I was working for a major trucking / logistics company (this has never been true, but I have had clients that were in the field) in a stereotypical movie boardroom. My coworkers were the equally stereotypical big wig types. I was trying to make an impassioned case for replacing the current, bland trailers on tractor trailers with ones made of stained glass.

This would both beautify the roads, but would also increase general goodwill from the public, because they would no longer hold negative stereotypes for trucks as polluting death machines driven by tweaked out speed freaks.

After I made my speech the setting of the dream shifted to me driving my actual commute at the time, merging on to 95 surrounded by trucks with stained glass trailers. The sun's rays filtering through their colorful facades was beautiful.

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