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  Dream Number: #335
Dream Type: feverish
Date Posted: 1/15/2009

milknea from remembers this:

I enter someone's new house and the spotlights coming from a glass statue is pointed at me. It's a house-warming party, I guess. A lot of my friends (in the dream they were my friends. I have no idea who they were, but I felt like my friends Melody and Clay were there) were in the rooms drinking chocolate milk. There wasn't any furniture so we all sat and laid on the carpeted floor. I felt like I was hiding from something or someone. The house was nothing special but at the same time a little weird - the glass statues and there was a car parked in the kitchen, but I guess that's just because I was dreaming. It seemed pretty normal.

Later I was hiding and running away from a group of boys, I think. I was in a forest running up and down some hills, climbing over cacti. I felt threatened and frustrated and scared because I was alone and it was dark. I don't know what the boys wanted but I ran as fast as I could and climbed a rock formation until I got to a street where a nice, sleek-looking red car picked me up and I felt so relieved. I think inside the car was Clay (my boyfriend).

I guess I got dropped off a few meters away from a coffee shop/bookstore. I walked the rest of the way by myself and there (in the ceilingless building) I saw a friend of mine. In waking life, this friend of mine is eight or nine years older than me. He's engaged, but he hadn't proposed at the time I had this dream. We're pretty close but I've never felt a romantic attraction towards him, so, back to the dream -- He was in the corner of one of the bookshelves making out with his girlfriend and squishing her against the shelf. For some reason I was absolutely furious. In waking life, he's an abstinence teacher. I've never been his student but I've had a 2-week abstinence program in class before.

In the dream I was absolutely furious and frustrated with him. I think I felt envy, but mostly furious. I walked away from the building and up a porch type thing where he was again holding the hand of his girlfriend. I ignored him and said hello to a friend of mine and talked to several people. Inside the building of the porch we were standing on there was a sort of introductory orientation thing going on. It was a museum and a school. I left the porch and walked around the perimeter of the school. I stole a bicycle from a nearby playground and got it stolen away from me by a giant cartoon character who was chaperoning a group of new students. I went in the side building of the school (still furious about my friend kissing his girlfriend) and followed a few groups, then slid down a giant red slide back out onto the porch. Where my friend was still there, but his girlfriend had gone inside, so we talked for a while, and I think that's all.

I woke up sweating and throwing up, but later when I remembered my dream I was confused and upset.

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