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  Dream Number: #318
Dream Type: Dreaming of my Ex and his kids
Date Posted: 9/11/2008

Connie20xx from Dunnsville remembers this:

Reoccuring Dream 3Nites in a Row

dreaming of my ex's kids calling me early moring to come and cook them something to eat and also to talk to there father about how they feel regarding his
drunken behaviour

I make them something to eat in the oven i believe it was pizza , I get them settled to eat then head for there fathers room (whom is my ex )and walk into
the bedroom and sit at the edge of the bed , i start to feel the warmth of his body and i reach for his hand and hold it as i also try to shake him to wake up.
Nothing so i reach out with both of my hands and shake his whole body, he wakes up in a calm way and stares into my eyes , and grabs my hand.

I then wake up from this dream out of a dead sleep to roller over quick to see who is laying next to me, there is nobody laying next to me at all Im alone..
Why did this dream scare me so much that i woke up out of a dead sleep..

Takes place- Our old house, kitchen , bedroom

Time of Day- Early Morning about 9am

People in the Dream- My ex, his two youngest kids , and myself, carring my child in my tummy.

Time i woke up to this dream- 3:30 am on the 3rd nite

Responses from the Dreamers

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