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  Dream Number: #304
Dream Type: Random as
Date Posted: 6/24/2008

Lardlax from Boston remembers this:

Me and some friends were in a red, metal, underground biohazard bunker and there was a knocking at the door. Suddenly this creature like a person but made of nuts and bolts burst in. I hid in the toilet (as you do) and waited for the creature to attack someone else (which then turned him into a bolt-man) and quickly slipped up the ladder. Outside the bolt-men were everywhere, so I ran to a music festival to meet another friend who was staying in a tent thatlooked like a colourful portaloo. When we left the music festival, we couldn't go home because of all the bolt men, so by the light of the full moon we got on some skis and skiid along the road to a seaside town.

It was possibly the most surreal and frightening dream of my entire life :p

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