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  Dream Number: #298
Dream Type: Reocurring
Date Posted: 6/11/2008

Kim08 from remembers this:

Hi, hope people can help. I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago because we wern't really getting along anymore, we were together for 2 years. I don't speak to him anymore and we aren't really on good terms with each other. I wish i could speak to him however he has a new girlfriend now and doesn't seem to bother with me anymore. For the past month, every night i dream he is always in it, his existance in the dream shows me being with him and comfortable and happy. He is always in my dreams and usually it's different situations of us getting back together with him splitting up with his girlfriend. I'm so confused about what this means. Please help

Responses from the Dreamers

From: emmilou

this is a subconsious manifestation of your feelings towards him. It doesnt mean that the two of you are getting back together; it just shows that you still have feelings for him, and have failed to find closure since the two of you went seperate ways.

this happened to me.
what you need to think about doing is telling him you still have felings for him. He may say that he feels the same... or he may not. You need to prepare yourself for that outcome. Even if he does "reject" your feelings, it will still provide you with the peace of having said what you needed to say.

you may feel emberassed after telling him of your feelings. You may feel like it was a big mistake...
its not.

Sometimes people just need to hear that an ex-lover doesn't feel attracted or connected to them any more in order to detach themselves and move on to greener pastures. Sometimes people just need the other party to sort of "release" them, in a sense.

The dreams may not cease immediately after, but give it a week or a month...
things will begin to fall into place now that you are able to move on.

(Added: 6/17/2008)


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