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  Dream Number: #295
Dream Type: sad
Date Posted: 6/10/2008

voiceofeternity from remembers this:

In this dream of mine, oh so long ago, maybe a few months. I was walking around school in normal clothes, searching for my boyfriend. But everyone i asked looked at me as though i were insane and i started to cry. Soon the dream changed to this beach scene, with a either a sunset or sunrise, i think it was sunrise, a pale hue to eveyrthing. Well i finally found him on the boreder between the us and mexico. when i ran up to him smiling happy and hugging him, he looked at me puzzled, as if he did not know me. I cried again screaming "te amo" (spanish for i love you) "te amo, luis!" and well he hugged me sypethet and said "yo tambien te amo" (I love you too). Though it made me feel better, i was confused as why he said that. But thats when i woke up crying from a dream for the first time.

Responses from the Dreamers

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