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  Dream Number: #292
Dream Type: Half-Awake, Kind of cool...
Date Posted: 6/9/2008

fly_azn_eagle from Maryland remembers this:

I was walking through some carnival or amusement park kind of thing. I saw this booth that said Find Your Inner Were or something like that. There was a man there, he was raising this kid up on thee pole, he was tied to it with rope, his parents were watching. I walk over and he puts a rope around me puts me on pole across from boy and raises me up. He turns on some music and I kinda get sleepy. I looked down and there were like colorful feather you could see on my skin. The man looked, said "Parrot, hmm?" then turned back to watch the other boy, who was just sitting there. A man standing and watching, apparently the booth owner's assistant, says "You know it will harm him if its wrong" I feel weird like shaking, still changing and then I start shrinking. Man turns around and says "About time" He pulls out a green voodoo doll looking thing and hold it in my face, then twists the legs and my legs hurt really bad. He throws the doll against the booth wall and I am thrown too, and out of nowhere a giant t-rex walks out from behind a tent/ride/booth kind of thing and says "Pardon me" and catches me in his mouth. It says "Here you go" and I almost instantly become a hawk. I looked down and see the man running the booth has become a velociraptor looking thing. I fly down and attack him. Then I woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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