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  Dream Number: #275
Dream Type: Tidal Wave... Hmm?
Date Posted: 3/10/2008

RawrImaLion from Toronto remembers this:

I was in the car with my dad sitting beside him in the passenger seat. We were in the drive way of his house. I heard something, like a tidal wave. My dad turned around and then looked back at me. I looked back and that's exactly what it was. I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug and held him close waiting for the wave to hit. I had accepted that I was going to get hit and probably die. I recall thinking whether it might be a dream or not but decided it was too real.

I then decided to run out of the car and up to the house which turned out to be home to other people. Apparently my dad sold the house. I quickly knocked then realized there was no time to wait for an answer and just barged right in. A couple people were standing at the top of the stairs looking at me. I ran up the stairs past them and noticed there were more people in the living room playing games and hanging out like nothing was wrong. I apologized for just walking in but said it was important. I thought where was the best place to go where I would be the most likely to survive. I ran to the washroom on the second floor and hid behind the wall that stuck out. I curled up holding my legs between my head protection thinking that I might be able to survive this. I remember saying to my dad "If we were really smart we would have hid in the cellar in the basement and we could have swam up after the wave hit". But it was too late to run back down now, we were stuck in the washroom. A couple people came in and asked what we were doing and said something that made me yell "This is fucking REAL!" in response. After saying that I started wondering that what I was in probably is a dream. I then realized it and had the option to wake myself up. But I wanted to know what was going to happen - was I going to get hit and wake up anyway? Would I survive instead? Or would something else happen? I slowly got back into the dream and looked ahead, somehow I was able to see outside to notice how far the wave was. It was very close. I remember thinking "Here it comes, it's almost here!"

It was at the other end of my dad's circle (we live on a circular street). I saw someone, very close up like I was right there, throw a girl face in first into the wave. I'm not sure what happened to them. I knew they weren't a good person regardless. Suddenly the wave just came down like it had crashed on a shore. So close to the house, but never made it. Then the ground began to flood a bit and things began move around the watery ground. These things were dark, maybe black. I'm not sure what they were. I asked whoever was beside me at this point "Didn't I play a game or see a movie that was similar to this with you?" Everything else after is too cloudy to remember.

This is actually the second dream I've had in the last month that's involved a tidal wave. Any ideas?

Replies from the dreamer:

Funny because last night I had another dream of tidal waves except i was on a school bus and i survived all 5 waves somehow.
(Added: 3/11/2008)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: astrojamie

Have you ever thought of relocating to Calif. we only have earthquakes here..... Please read my dream. There is no escaping them. If it happens it happens, but I sympathize with you, cuz their scarier that crap, at the time of the dream... Jamie

(Added: 3/11/2008)

From: Stitchless_Night

Well, that is indeed interesting. Have you thought that the tidal wave is a problem, or a bundle of problems that you might be facing, and the housing might be a place where you are either most comfortable or known to you. Having someone near you in your dream that you can tell who it is, usually, at least in my case, I feel means that you wanted someone who could help you keep calm around.

The yelling, is this real, or the realization that you might be dreaming is interesting as well. I would love to hear more about your dreams if possible. Do you dream often of the tidal waves or did you have any other dreams that you recall still after a long amount of time?

(Added: 3/11/2008)


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