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  Dream Number: #274
Dream Type: Completely messed up
Date Posted: 3/10/2008

RawrImaLion from Toronto remembers this:

I was waiting for a bus in a park area that had a long twisting road that went through it. There were many bus stops along this road. I stood and waited for a bus. As soon as one came I hopped on. I asked how much the cost was and the driver said "Fifty dollars" and I vaguely remember asking why it was so costly. He told me that the bus was going to the states and I then explained that I was on the wrong bus. For some reason the driver drove the bus down the road anyway and I didn't say anything.

I talked to the driver about normal things, can't quite remember what they were now. I soon noticed we were driving down a dim empty alley way. He stopped the bus and looked at me. I knew something was wrong. He was going to rape me and/or hurt me. I managed my way off the bus and ran from this bus driver. He chased me around what was Toronto to me. I was scared. At one point he caught a hold of and I yelled help. A man across the street took notice and came running over. Somehow I became free and the chase continued. I went around a corner and off in the distance I could see an Amusement Park with many rides. I continues running straight and came across a section where there was a mini jungle gym. There was a girl that was working there. I ran past her and closed off the entrance that magically became a door. The bus driver had sent a child around the age of 10 after me, a boy in blue I vaguely remember. I closed this door in the kid's face.

The worker girl gave me a strange look. I explained that this pedophile bus driver was after me. She was sympathetic about it. This is where everything begins to get really confusing and odd. She showed me a knife, it was one of those fake plastic retractable ones. She took off the top plastic blade part of the knife and inside there was a sharp razor blade. She cut herself on her wrist, it could have been on purpose of by accident, but there was about 2 or 3 cuts. She was bleeding bad, blood all down her arm. The girl was upset or crying about something and I told her somethings and then very clearly told her "Everything is going to be okay" and "Just don't do that again" (referring to the cuts).

I then looked around to find a weapon big enough to defend myself from anyone that was tried to hurt me when I went to escape. For some reason I felt that I was trying to escape partially for this girl I had met in the jungle gym area, like it was benefiting or helping her in some way. After looking around I found a pair of scissors on the floor. I took them and went to the door. I opened it a crack and this kid that was originally at the door was replaced by a creature, sort of bug looking, I opened the door all the way and quickly took the scissors to the creature and ran to the right as fast as I could.

......I would like to note that I have never had a dream like this. This is the most messed up dream I've
ever had. This is also my third dream in the last week where I have been chased by something. I'm not a violent person and this dream isn't like me which makes me
confused because I wish I could understand it more. Any ideas?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: astrojamie

wow! sounds scary, I feel for you1

(Added: 3/11/2008)

From: Stitchless_Night

Haha, sorry for laughing but thats a funny / scary dream to read. Do you have many worries in your life, or stresses?

(Added: 3/11/2008)


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