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  Dream Number: #269
Dream Type: Baffling
Date Posted: 3/6/2008

just me from Vermont remembers this:

It started out I was in the Carolina's at the beach hanging out with people that I would assume were my friends eventhough I did not recognize any of them. This guy who was rather good looking walked by and all of the women with me stated their interest in him. I was not interested though. However he started haging out with our group and I just went along with it because everyone else seemed to like him. The women I was with kept saying how I was lucky because he seemed to be interested in me and how they wish he was interested in them. I just kept getting this feeling that he wasn't who he was showing us he was. Well time went by and finally I think it was supposed to be like a year or so and he asked me out again and I thought about it because he hadn't shown that he was this other person to me that I would date him. We dated for awhile still hanging out with these people (both men and women). One day we were at his house and he called me everyone was in the livingroom. My body split and a part of me went into the room with him and the other part of me just stayed in the livingroom staring out this big window at the ocean and some local vendors. I heard this noise in the room that my body had gone into and I knew I was getting beaten. I looked at these people that were supposed to be my freinds and they were all just sitting there talking like nothing was happening. Well I left the window and started to walk towards where my body was. This guy rushed past me with everyone following him and he pulled me into the bathroom. Told me to "Just spit it out. Spit it out before you choke on it." He was talking about the tooth this guy had knocked out. I could see my ribs were bruised and my nose, mouth, and corner of my left eye were bleeding really bad. I entered my body the one guy was still holding my head as the guy who had beat me said "So what are you going to do about this now huh. What are you going to do? How do you like this huh?" I picked up the plunger that was next to the toilet and started hitting him and he fell in the tub. I told him this is what I'm going to do about it you A## hole. Then I turned to these other people and asked them why in the world they didn't help me they just sat there and watched it all happen. Then I said well screw you guys I don't need you and woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: RawrImaLion

Well this could be your outlook on guys in general (untrustworthy and violent?). Is there anything that has happened lately that has made you feel vulnerable?

It could also mean that someone you know and that a lot of people look up to (not necessarily a guy) isn't the person they throw themselves out to be.

(Added: 3/11/2008)


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