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  Dream Number: #250
Dream Type: intersting
Date Posted: 12/29/2007

cegra99 from remembers this:

i was with my guy friend. and we were just talking we were going to go to his swim meet. then as we were leaving we ran into his friend whom i had never met before , this guys was short is dark tan skin (probably indian/indoniesion) with curly dark hair. i thought he smelled good and couldnt keep from wanting to kiss him. but the me and my friend we sudenly at his swim meet. he was in one of te races when some how one of his hands was but off in dome freak accident. a bunch of the peaole watching and myslef cut our hands to show condolence.

the next day i am at a door i knock on it and my friend who was hurt while swimming opened the door and his good smelling friend was in the room. a couple of girls were in there to i regocnixed them as my friends. everyone was dressed up we were all going to a formal dance. then i dont know how but i ended up with the good smelling guys arms around me. we were in a connor and i decided to kiss him. we kissed for a long time beofre i pulled away. he walked back to where everyone else was and i had a bad taste in my mouth. and i sudenly rememberd needing to find a formal dress and then the dream ended

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