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  Dream Number: #249
Dream Type: Weird
Date Posted: 12/27/2007

Sorc from remembers this:

There is a man who is looking for me. I met him the day before (I believe) and he has apparently fallen in love with me. I may or may not be in love with him (this is unclear to me during and after the dream)

This man is about to get married the next day and I am to be one of the wedding guests. After meeting him I do not want to go to the wedding so I try and make myself look too sick to go. I stay out of the sun and stop eating in order to look pale (see through in fact) and just as I believe I have achieved this, people (my family I believe) come to me and try nagging me into going to the wedding.

I'm so annoyed that I start to become flushed and when I give my excuse of being too sick to go, they show me myself in the mirror and I look the picture of health. I have no other excuses left so have to go to the wedding.

At the wedding (in a large aristocratic estate) I wear a hat in the hopes of not being noticed by the groom. I manage to barely avoid him (he is still looking for me) up until the ceremony starts. At the start of the wedding the groom starts taking out some jewellery (a crown, necklace and ring) to give to his bride to be.

Just as I believe myself safe and that the wedding will go through, the groom looks up straight at me, looks shellshocked and then starts to put the jewellery back in the box and walks/stalks towards me. The jewels apparently symbolize his undying love for his chosen bride (according to his family tradition) and since his marriage was arranged he refuses to go through with it and comes after me.

I run out to the gardens yelling for him to leave me alone. He refuses and runs after me while trying to give me the jewellery out of the box. He gets closer and closer and I in panic jump off a balcony and lay on the garden below apparently dead, which I am not.

I have broken many bones and lie in a coma and I am taken to the groom's home to be looked after even though everyone believes me to be dead. However despite the coma I am able to communicate to my family that I am alive well but not to tell the groom that I live. I feel spiteful towards him for coming after me and want to punish him with the fact that he killed me by running after me.

I am not very sure how I feel about this dream. On the one hand I feel as if I was in love with the groom and wanted him to notice me but on the other hand I was terrified when he did notice me at the wedding.

The closer he came to catching me the more my fear grew until I felt as if I could only escape him by dying.

I was angry with the groom for coming after me and wanted him to suffer for doing it. I felt justified in punishing him by pretending to be dead and was fearful as well that if I did show him that I was actually alive that he would never let me get away.

At no time in the dream did the groom do anything to hurt me or frighten me in the traditional sense. All my fear came from him coming after me because he was in love. As far as I remember he was a nice man who really did love me and just wanted me to be with him.

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