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  Dream Number: #226
Dream Type: Sad-death
Date Posted: 10/10/2007

Heather25 from ottawa il remembers this:

I buried my best friend 3 months ago. I dreamnt we were at this party. But my sister (who was also close to him) and I were the only ones who could see him. When I looked at him though it didn't really look like him. I can't really describe what he looked like but he didn't look the way he did when he was alive. But all of our friends were there and he kept asking me questions about them like what they had said about him, how they had handled his death, what they were up too now. I kept telling him to ask them himself but he kept sayin only my sister and I could see him. This completely confuses me as if in my dream I don't realize he's dead.
I know I have not dealt with his death well at all. I loved him very much. I dream of him about once a week. They are so real I can almost feel him hugging me and when I wake up I can smell his cologne. Is this just my brain's way of dealing with his death? I never got to say goodbye could this be a way of him saying goodbye to me? I don't know what to belive. Please let me know.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Nieko_heartsu2

This could be two things. This could either be like you said your subconscious' way of letting you say goodbye to him. the reason that you smell his cologne is because you are having memories of him and the smell of his cologne is also in your memory. Or if you believe his spirit is still around then it could be that he is visiting you while you sleep because it is when your mind is the least busy. In this case the reason you smell his cologne is because you are around him. I believe that it could be either one. I am also sorry for your loss.

(Added: 10/10/2007)


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