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  Dream Number: #21
Dream Type: Erotic
Date Posted: 9/19/2005

amantecaliente from Chiang Mai remembers this:

My Dream

I just wanted to share a dream that I had sometime ago that has some disturbing elements. I have had erotic dreams more in recent years than in past ones. This dream was very graphic and very erotic. I will try to explain all of the details as best as I remember them. Please excuse the explicit language, but that is how I remember it.

The dream involves my wife and my next to youngest brother, who is her same age. He has been a pursuer, prowler and predator of women for 30+ years, but has never been caught. He has seduced 100s of women, maybe thousands, even sister-in-laws and girl friends of my younger brothers and a few cousins. He has screwed half the girls in our hometown. The dream starts with me and my wife watching my brother swimming in an icy lake. He is an outdoors-man and is used to cold weather. He was swimming in the water as if it were summer time. He looked like he was part animal, from his body hair (my wife hates body hair, says it is a big turn-off for her) and part human. I walked away to do something else. I donít know what exactly. I guess my brother saw me leave and then he came out of the water and he was naked. He was drying himself off when my wife walked over to him. (Why, I do not know.) She saw his nakedness and starred at his big, long dick. (She is an RN and has seen her share of big long cocks. Rn's have to catheterize men, you know.) After swimming in the icy water, he was still hanging ten inches. He laughed pulled on his big dick and said, "You want some of this don't you, honey?" She walked away without saying a word. (This is her normal response to his remarks).

The next scene I have is without me, but I had the sense that I was watching what was happening though not physically present. My wife is in my brother's house and she is busy cleaning things. He is following her around and using sex talk with her. He is telling his sex jokes, flirting and teasing with her. She keeps rejecting him. (This is her normal response to him). She goes into the bedroom to get something and he follows her. He then blocks the door. She has something in her hand that looks like a box cutter and tells him she will cut him if he tries anything sexual. He moves toward her and takes away the box cutter. She lets it slide out of her hand without a struggle. She seems to be like clay in his hands. He can do anything he wants with her. He closes the door and grabs her in a sexual embrace. She tells him not to do anything that he will regret later. He continues his seduction. He puts on hand be hind her neck and starts to kiss her passionately, grabs and squeezes her breasts with the other hand. She at first resists and tries to move away. She tells him to stop. That what they are doing is wrong. She is happily married. She has children. He grabs her and lifts her blouse over her head and slides her breasts free from her bra with one click of the bra strap. He continues to kiss her and massage her DD breasts, while he kisses her now erect nipples. (She always enjoys this when I do it). He tells her that he has wanted to fuck her for 30+ years. (She is the only one of the sister's-in-laws or girl friends that he has not yet fucked.) She doesn't struggle or resist his caresses. She becomes like butter in his arms. He slips off her jeans and panties and proceeds to kiss, her now dripping wet, and throbbing pussy. She tells him to stop, but he continues inserting his tongue deeper inside her wet pussy, as she moans and groans with pleasure. He sucks her clitoris and she soon is climaxing in spasms. (She normally has multiple orgasms with me. Sometimes 10 or more). He drops his pants and she tells him she has wanted to fuck him for a very long time, most especially since the day she saw him swimming naked. She told him he had the biggest cock she had ever seen, even in cold icy water. She starts to suck his big cock long and hard. She likes to feel it get harder in her mouth. She sucks his cock and deep throats him again and again. (This is something that she doesn't like doing with me normally.) After what seemed to be a long time, he canít hold back his climax and he cums in her mouth and she shallows all his cum savoring every drop. (This is something she has never done with me. She hates to get cum in her mouth). Then, they kiss passionately playing and probing each other's tongues. They touch and fondle each other all over their bodies. They continue fucking for what seems like hours. She is a very willing sex partner and does whatever he wishes without rejecting or arguing. He fucks her pussy and mouth at will. He even fucks her ass ramming his big hard cock deep inside her asshole. She gets more excited than ever and fucks him harder bouncing wildly with him until he fills her ass with cum. (Anal sex is something that she hates. It reminds her of her childhood abuse.) She fulfills his every sexual desire and fantasy. She tells him he is the best fuck she has ever had. That anytime he wants her, he can fuck her. Anytime and any place of his choosing just to call and she will be there hot and ready to fuck him. He tells her it was worth the wait of 30+ yrs. to fuck her and it was the best fuck of his life and he would be calling her for more. He told her that every woman he had fucked in the past, that he had fantasies of fucking my wife, while fucking them. Now, he had found his true fuck fantasy and he was not going to give her up, ever.

I awoke feeling rejected, betrayed, abandoned, insecure, alone, inadequate, helpless, unimportant, jealous, envious, mad, like crap, etc.

Do you know if anyone else has dreams like this? Please give feedback.


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