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  Dream Number: #206
Dream Type: Weird.
Date Posted: 8/13/2007

LindaCakes from City Of Angeles remembers this:

Last night I had a dream. Of course like all my dreams it was weird and left me scratching my head. Ok, I am currently unemployed due to downsizing. So here's my dream.

My older sister hooked me up with a job in some medical billing place or something. I told her I forgot everything I've learned in Medical school but knowing I need the income I took the job.

I went to work, The setting was weird. I was totally unprepared. Someone called me early in the morning asking me if I was still interesting in the job, I asked them why, is there something wrong? The person on the line said I was already one hour late. SHIT! I got up and went to work cursing my sister becuase she gave me the wrong time.

So I'm there. I went to my desk and This white lady comes in smelling like ciggarettes, she started talking about her problems... giving me her name, age, the day she got married... then she asked me if I was gonna do my job.. I look at her weird because I really don't know what position this was. It turns out I'm suppose to write everything the person says. So i grab a pencil and paper. I couldn't keep up. I kept asking her to repeat herself. (i'm guessing that part is about me not being sure if i can type 40 wpm)... anyhow, My sister looks out to me from her office....

and then my dream got weird.....

All of a sudden there's cops everyone. It was a murder. We were all ask to leave the building.... I saw what was in the bag... It was 3 dead dogs... covered in blood... and it looked like someone took alltheir hair off. The cops were holding them by the ears..

so i left the building... looking for a familar face to hang out with until the coast is clear... It was so crowed.. i see my friend... it doesn't look like her but I know that it was suppose to be colleen, so i'm making my way to her, then i see my old best friend from jr high and she's smiling and waving at me... and all i did was wave back... and continued my way towards my other friend who seems to be getting furture and furture away....

my dream then continued to another weird place. But I forgot what it was because I was too busy trying to remember other parts of my dream so i could look it up.

1) the dead, hairless bloody dogs
2) the job... ( I just moved to a city that's dead without any job opportunity) Is it telling me something?
3) The scene with my friend. I basically ignored my old childhood friend for someone who was somewhat drifting away?....


Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi LindaCakes,

I wonder if the first part of your dream actually represents a phase in your life that you have already finished? (The job you are out of---the police asked everyone to leave the building, and in real life you had to leave your job.) I think you have a good inkling about the two friends----the dream seems to be saying that you are thinking of pursuing something that is moving away from you that you are not meant to have---perhaps some particular career path. I think that the name "Colleen" may be a word play, because it sounds like the word "calling". Was there something in your youth or childhood that you said you wanted to be or do that you have forgotten about? Perhaps this dream is bringing a gift/talent that you have had from childhood but that wasn't developed? Colleen may appear in this dream also because the dream may be drawing you to something from your past that you and Colleen had in common together...a talent, an interest, a dream? The dream seems to be pointing you towards pursuing a gift or interest that you have had since childhood....

(Added: 9/30/2007)


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