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  Dream Number: #20
Dream Type: Adrenalin-pumped!
Date Posted: 9/18/2005

Tei Hakuto from remembers this:

Most of the dreams that I recall have themes of me escaping something or someone or I'm fighting something or someone. It's the same I have in this afternoon nap dream ^^;;

I was trying to avoid getting caught by a group of people, like the FBI or something. I kept getting glimpses of men in business suits running around like heck and looking at every direction. We were in some kind of baseball stadium, or at least an ampitheater - there were bleachers, and then a circular field and in the middle some kind of pit and there was a game going on. Sort of like rugby from the looks on the players' uniforms but I'm not sure.

I was hiding and moving under the bleachers - something that somehow managed to escape them. But to avoid suspicion at one point I got up and joined in the crowd, cheering and clapping. I sat beside a small family so that I wouldn't be suspected. But then they were calling out to their mommy so definitely I wasn't "mommy" anymore and dropped out of sight once again.

I reached what seemed to be the back of the stadium, but this time it was some cliff! More like the Grand Canyon I believe, there were sheer rock faces around. But most strange was the center: the bottom was covered in mist, but rising out of it were open bookshelves with tons of books strewn all around!

I sensed they were gaining on me, so I had to run and hop on top of the books, finally hiding behind a huge stack and catching my breath. I looked down and noticed I wasn't sitting properly, so I had to gingerly move one of the shelves closer. But then one of its legs fell out and the shelf fell with a loud bang! I really saw myself groaning in frustration. I had no choice but to jump down and realized the bottom wasn't that far. Covered in the mist, I made my way towards one of the rocky walls, and found a wooden door.

Opening it, I realized it was a series of other doors and passageways so I went on and opened various ones at random until I found myself in a room full of medieval costumes. I donned one that made me look like a footman, and when I bumped into a wall it suddenly opened and I was sliding down!

Before long I popped out and landed inside a horse carriage that was actually riding out of the whole place. I was saved! Though there was an old man who was sleeping, and an actual fat English bar maid as company, but they didn't seem flustered that I suddenly landed in front of them. I actually exchanged pleasantries with them as the carriage slowly rolled its way into open country and safety.


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