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  Dream Number: #199
Dream Type: Disturbing and scary
Date Posted: 6/27/2007

deanna from Frederick remembers this:

It started out with me and my fiance wrestling on the floor, then out of nowhere he is holding a knife and cutting himself in the arm. I started to scream stop and tried to wrestle him down for the knife and he gave me an evil look and started to cut me about 20 times in my arm and face. I finally got the knife from him and threw it across the room and all of a sudden there were about 2 more knifes on the floor that he was trying to get. I finally got free and started to run towards the back door and noticed a vehicle parked in our driveway sideways so I went outside to see who it was and there was someone laying in the passenger side. My fiance came out the door and went to the vehicle as I was running away a man got out and started chasing me, I was running trying to scream help but I could not scream. I finally went to the neighbors door and was knocking on it and the man was still chasing me so I pushed the door open and locked it and when I was crying and walked around the corner the man and my fiance were sitting in the living room nude. My daughter was there under a blanket and both men started molesting another child and my fiance was molesting my daughter. So I wrestled her free and had her run. (my daughter is 6 yrs old). At that point I then had to again get myself free, and started running towards my house again and this time it was a woman chasing after me no longer the men. I tried to scream again and nothing would come out, at this point I had a couple of neighbors helping me but I was still being chased by this woman. Finally I let out one large scream and I woke up very scared and feeling very weird in my gut. Please help me to try and see what this dream might mean. When I dream about my fiance its always him trying to harm me.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi Deanna,

Your dream may or may not be literally speaking of your fiance---one way you might determine whether it is or not is to ask yourself if your fiance has any behaviors that are self-destructive in real life that cause you to be concerned for him. If he does, then the dream may be saying that the self-destructive behavior could end up spilling over into your and your daughter's lives. Another question which might give you a clue as to whether or not the dream was speaking of your literal fiance or not is 'was the dream in color?' If it was then I would pay special attention to it...it may be giving you a heads up or warning about the relationship...hope that's helpful. Another good website for pretty solid dream interpretations is www.interpretmydream.com ---peace to you, jonelyn

(Added: 7/11/2007)


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