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  Dream Number: #196
Dream Type: Another Scary Dream
Date Posted: 6/6/2007

Heavenliness4 from remembers this:

Okay I had a dream that I was with some friends and I had left my young children at home with my aunt...so me and one of the ladies got into the car to go driving when we ran into a ditch..we got stuck and when we tried to get out..about 5 feet of dirt covered our car from top to bottom..and we are stuck inside and cannot get the door open...there was no air and we knew we were gonners..so we just bowed our heads and fell asleep..when I awoke, I was in a big auditorium (believe it or not..years later I actually seen this exact same auditorium at the public ywca..same exact steps, same stage, very old)..anyway on the stage was a baby in a carriage, and it was crying..and my aunt came out to say something to it..I was on the balcony looking down but they could not see me..then I looked down to the side and it was the girl who was in the car with me looking up at me..then it switch to a dark clothing store..all the clothes in this store had big holes in them? what could this mean?

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

Hi Heavenliness4,

I don't know about the scene with the clothing store, but the first part of your dream seems to say that there came a time in your life where you experienced a great change, a good change and it gave you a higher perspective---kind of like you died to an old life and came into a new life. In this new life you have greater ability to see things as they are...there's alot more there but I don't know all the symbolism...hope some of that's helpful! Peace : )

(Added: 6/24/2007)

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