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  Dream Number: #192
Date Posted: 5/3/2007

dreamgirl333 from remembers this:

Someone Please help!
I dreamt i was in this place where there was a filthy pit with muck. One woman(stranger) goes into the pit and dissapears. Then her boyfriend(another stranger) decides he wants to go in too cos his girlfriend did.
He gets in and covers himself with the muck then he wants to go deeper down where his grilfriend was but all of a sudden he struggles and i know he`ll die if i didnt pull him out.
I offer my hand and pull him out of the muck and find myself covered in it too. The muck somehow gets in my mouth and i can feel taste something revolting. I rush over to a sink. Rinse my mouth constantly and wash the muck off my body.The boy was standing next to me.
Standing behind him was his girlfriend who was apparently out of the pit before i saved her boyfreind.

This is it!
Ive tried to include everything.
I hope someone can help with this dream.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: candydik

I beleave with all my hart your dreams are related to life. In my opinion The"pit" Of muck you are going through in the dream tells a story. You have a people in your life wether it be freinds or family that bring you down. This being the "pit". They are either unhappy or at a low poing in there life and you to jump in feet first. this is course and a pattern you need to change. Or you will also be in the pit. It is easy to br dragged into to others problems whe nyou are a caring person or want to help.. The pit.. Witch is abook I am reading is a icky place to be. A cloude seems to linger around you no matter ware you go. I feel that you tend to get stuck in the problems of others and you need to change that.. People don't need to pull you down and you don't need to jump in.. I hope it makes any sence to you. If you wold like the name of the auther to the book please let me know..
Candy Dik.

(Added: 5/10/2007)
From: dreamgirl333

Your view makes alot of sense. I seem to be there for this friend, who has a messed up situation. I seem to always be there for him even though deep down i feel like i`ll regret it oneday. He can be ignorant but cos hes younger than me and ive known him for years. i feel like its some sort of sisterly responsibility not to turn my back on him.Even though i know its time i did.
Usually i dont look into dreams this much but i had this feeling like this particular dream was a warning of somesort.
Thankyou Candydik youre response is what i needed to know and i`ll make changes.
could you send me the details of the book please? Thanking you again.
Take care

(Added: 5/10/2007)

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