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  Dream Number: #175
Dream Type: wierd as hell
Date Posted: 3/16/2007

shickamay from PIERRE SODAK! remembers this:

i dreamt that i was sitting over at my friends house. i got a text message from an unknown number and it said "if u want the devil in your closet press okay" and i though it was just a joke, so i pressed okay. then the next day i went to grab a shirt from my closet, and the devil was in my closet and he would just smile at me. he wasnt there all the time, just for a few hours everyday. i had my friend come over to my house and i told her about the devil being in my closet, she didnt believe me though. so we waited til the time he was supposed to come to my closet and i opened the door real quick to show her. i wouldnt keep the door open for very long because i thot the devil would try to escape. my friend was so amazed that the devil was in my closet that she kept opening and closing the door to see him. the devil figured out that you could get out by turning the handle and so he got out of my closet and was running through my house. he was stealing everything and in my dream i had a bunch of cash registers at my house, and he stole those and ran off. and then i woke up
it was wierd

Responses from the Dreamers

From: glorious john

fuck off bitch
I aint never scared!

o what?

yea your a skank

o SICK BURN lol jakay

(Added: 3/16/2007)


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