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  Dream Number: #170
Dream Type: talking dogs and golden showers
Date Posted: 2/26/2007

zenmonkey from remembers this:

Okay I'm back peeps.

Had a dream the other night that I was buying a hoody/jacket hybrid that came shrink-wrapped with two stale slices of sugary toast. Next I was in some house and I had to break the news to some one that the dog I had been dog-sitting for them had started talking. They didn't believe me until the little bulldog started chatting nonsense.

Next I was at home and my mum had a head like a white balloon with tufts of old-man hair protruding from each side. She kinda looked like a clown.

The next thing I know I am in a forest and my Russian friend gives me a floppy disk with software on it that can design any machine I want. He used it to design batteries or "power boxes" as he calls them but he thinks it will be of invaluable use for me in starting a band.

I drive a car away from the forest.

Next I am in my old secondary school, on the stairs in the science block. A naked woman and a naked teenage girl are lying back in a crab-like posture on the stairs. They start pissing on eachother and I wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

This dream seems to be saying that you wanted to invest in something that would get you ready for your destiny/future but that you didn't like some unappetizing things that came along with that package. Things that used to make sense (possibly coming from people who were close to you) don't make sense anymore, may even seem foolish. It also says that you will find the information you need among a group of people who are leaders, and from someone who "speaks a different language" than your usual circle of peeps---this will empower you to prepare for your destiny/future. The end of the dream seems to also say that you will come into a time of learning/training but that you will possibly encounter some "pretty crabby people"? (LOL) Overall this seems like the dream is giving you a very positive, encouraging message:) This is just jotted down...on the way out the door...hope something was helpful!

(Added: 2/27/2007)
From: zenmonkey

thanks jonelyn

Glad you made the effort. What you say is kinda true in some respects.

New life - not liking some aspects of the package etc.

That resonated.


(Added: 2/28/2007)
From: jonelyn


Later I went back & saw the part about you being in your old secondary school---I forgot to mention that that means that there is a lesson that you missed out on the first time around and you will "go back" to re-learn that lesson---get a second chance at learning a lesson that was being taught to you earlier in life. Seems like this lesson involves getting over or getting past these "crabby people" or whoever the people on the stairs represent---maybe they represent an attitude within yourself? That may be far-fetched but a slight possibility. I said that this seems to be a positive dream because you were on the stairs. Stairs represent an opportunity to go up or to advance---or in other words to make greater progress in your life. May be God is showing you how you will progress when you get pass a certain problematic issue? Again, just some thoughts!

(Added: 4/8/2007)

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