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  Dream Number: #167
Dream Type: un nerving
Date Posted: 2/1/2007

Sinister Ex Boyfreind from remembers this:

It was in a strange place. It had many large columns, mostly all white very clean, seemed to have a large domed celing. seemed as tho many ppl slept in there on lil indensitions in the walls,seemed very futuristic, very white, anyway my ex boyfriend was there with his new gf, he seemed very sinister lt looked like him acted like him but he had a sinister essence about him, his brown eyes seemed to be to black pools of ink.he told me that he didnt want to be with his new gf anymore and wanted me back we ended up having intercourse in the dream and he ejaculated up inside me, and in the dream i immediately knew i was pregnant. His gf walked up on us peering in at us through a window in one of the indensions we were in in the wall...and he told her that he was sorry but he didnt want to be with her anymore...after that it got really weird, it ended up being like the end of days (end of the world /judgement day) there was alot of chaos, other ppl who lived withing this place started dying from one reason or another--the lights flickered, there were sparks flying,ect. some how i lost track of my ex and i couldnt find him, all that remained was me and one other woman.. she was slender long blonde spiraled hair, dressed in a long black dress and kinda cape, and she told me that i had to help her, i dont remember exactly what it was but i had a book...and the rest i dont remember.

Responses from the Dreamers

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