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  Dream Number: #163
Dream Type: Unpleasent
Date Posted: 1/13/2007

Mugen from St. Kitts remembers this:

I dreamed of being chased by a bad person (unknown to me) them in a car me on a bike. For serveral minutes he was after me, chasing me through the city trying to harm me. I eventually got away but could still hear his voice say something like where did you go! whatever it was. I somehow had someone with me a young boy, I don't remember how. Maybe riding with me or on another bike. I took them home, maybe the guy was after him. He was safe. Got home. Wanted to call his father. I dailed the number & handed him the phone. A woman came in & didn't like me. I didn't care & said about myself whatever I'm just white trash. Left her home & was instantly transfered into a truck with three other people.

Scientest let armoured humanoid creatures out & they started to advance slowly with FULL body armour, including metal riot shield. I had no control over any gun but a pistol (bloody six shooter) where the person in the middle had the mounted machine gun. Other person had a pistol as well as far as I could tell. We could however shoot through the vehicle. They creatures were shot apon with little vital damage showing. The amoured protected them at first. There were 2 other armoured with the same stats. The creature started to rip open our trucks & kill the people inside. I shot at the ones on my left side since thats where I was seated & blew them off. One ripped open the middle of our truck & attacked the heavey gunner.. we shot it to hell with our little pistols & then a creature ripped open the lower left door of where I was sitting & attacked him again.. not me.. just him. I couldn't move.. at all. At this point I don't even know if I existed in my own dream anymore. The other two were trying to kill it with the pistol but couldn't overpower it to aim the gun since it was pinning the gun arm down. It said don't shoot me in the head repeatedly. I woke up...

Side note. I've been playing a lot of rainbow six vegas. Totally rocks. Watching anime with various creatures. So thats not to hard to grasp I had a dream about it that weird stuff. But the dream that bothered me was me being chased. I guess I may feel like an exile that is always hunted apon in some way or I don't fit in. The monster dream seems to me like a mix between my imagination & how I may feel powerless to protect myself but thats only in my dreams. In my dreams my mind won't always let me protect myself. It subjects me to fear, panic, horrors of my curcomstance & lets me face it without control, parilysing me & I basicly hate it. I am currently sick as well so theres another reason for a bad dream. I try to find what emotions I have during being chased or attacked but its usually a feeling of helplessness because I usually can't stop them. I just want to be safe for once.. I just want to have a dream of something new... I'm sick of being chased for no reason but to be harmed. its pointless. I just have to over come it in my dreams. Like my friend quoted. Face my deamons. But first I have to understand them.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: no dream yet

I think you will overcome your demons and come to know your angels...for you already know what you must do, and also know yourself a little I think.

Your dreams say that you feel vulnerable, why only you would know. For example, my son is a introvert and do not like people and society, therefore he usually dreams of being killed, wounded, or wounding and/or killing others.
Life may have been hard for you, you are hurt and feel vulnerable. I guess you are very much dissapointed and hurt by some situation. In our dreams, injuries are usually emotional injuries. I had such dreams after my divorce.
Please meditate and face all the things that bothers you, it may take a time, but every hurt acknowledged and accepted is a healing process.
You want to stop these horrible dreams, your subconscious are saying to you to do something to find peace.
Next time do not run, face your demons and exterminate them. Remember the saying...all you need to fear is fear itself. Elsabe :-)

(Added: 1/13/2007)


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