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  Dream Number: #16
Dream Type: Insane
Date Posted: 9/16/2005

kickasskarybaby from East Kilbride remembers this:

I was back in my old high school and all the floor had dissapeared andall it was, was the pipes running underground. so i had to walk across them to get places. I was the only person in the school except for another boy (who i think was called colin) and his dad. His dad had shot the janitor. and i had to figure out how and where - like in a cluedo sort of way. The boys dad had a gun and I remember running through the school and i was tying not to fall off the water pipes. I also remember that the floor was just black ink so i was really scared id fall off the pipe and get dirty. At the end of my dream, the boy was sat in a chair beside the janitors office and was crying and all i could say was "everything's ok". I never ever saw his dad. just his shadow or the back of him. ge was wearing a long beige coat and a a hat - was the same as inspector gadgets outfit.

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