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  Dream Number: #159
Dream Type: Sad
Date Posted: 1/9/2007

crunvs from irving, texas remembers this:

I live in a one bedroom apt. with my husband and 2 small dogs. the dogs are like my children they are always with me and sleep with me the whole nine yards. I let them out to use the bathroom they are not on a leash but there is a fence so they don't usually go through it. The entrance to the prperty is in front of my apartment so last night i dreamed that i was letting them out to use the bathroom at night time right before it got dark and my little girl dog dosha ran through the fence and over the median and before she made it some one ran over her then my boy dog dewey saw that and ran to her and laid down beside her and another car came through and ran over both of them. Oh my gosh i woke up and was balling it was so real i had to check and see if they were really ok. Of course they were but what does this mean?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: no dream yet

Hi, I think you need not worry, dreams are seldom prophetic, it's symbolic or it's only our fears and/or desires 'come real' in a dream. You love your dogs very much, are afraid to loose them. Fear causes stress and must be released - that's the healing properties of dreams. You are afraid to loose you dogs/friends/children....as I said we dream our fears. By the way, I loved my little dog also very much when he was alive (he died of old age), but regularly dreamt of him being eaten by a crocodile, attacked, etc. That never happened. Elsabe.

(Added: 1/13/2007)

From: Mugen

It was me by the way. Forgot to log in.

(Added: 1/14/2007)


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Responses from Guests

From: Mugen

Your afraid to loose them. You fear that one day you will. To death. To growing up. If it worries you that much just tell your children never to do that. No matter how much they wanted to. Lifes so short that you fear to loose the ones so close to you because thats all you got. <3 don't be too sadened.

(Added: 1/14/2007)

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