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  Dream Number: #147
Dream Type: night terror?
Date Posted: 10/27/2006

maggie from reading remembers this:

i was very young. my dream was sepia toned. i was in a very long, rectangular room. one long wall and the two short walls were made up of dirty, smudgy windows. the other wall had a bunch of doors in the middle. the floor was wood, as were the doors and what little actual wall there was. near the windows, the floor was flat, but closer to the wall with the doors there were steps that ran the length of the room, probably 4 or 5. they weren't very steep. i was not alone in the room, there were a few boys. it was something like a clubhouse, i think, and i was the only girl. they were teasing me, and then they ran out of the room and left me there alone. i tried to follow them, although i don't remember trying any of the doorknobs to see if they would open. then a shadow started moving up the wall, and i turned around to see a giant clown head rising at the windows. i tried to wake up, because at this point i was aware that i was sleeping, but i couldn't, and i that made me panic even more. i thought that i would be trapped in the dream forever. the clown didn't actually do anything, and the face didn't change (i always assumed it was some sort of balloon) but for some reason it seemed malicious.

Responses from the Dreamers

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