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  Dream Number: #145
Dream Type: frightening
Date Posted: 10/27/2006

maggie from reading remembers this:

i used to have a recurring dream (when i was little) that i was in huge house with my entire family--immediate and extended. the house was on a large plot of land with lots of grass and was surrounded on all four sides by a solid wall of very green trees, broken only at one corner where one tree was missing. at some point in the dream, i would go outside, and the house would catch on fire. my assumption was that everyone in the house was killed, but it would happen really fast. then people would start coming out of the house, and they were on fire inside. i could see it behind their eyes, and in their mouths. they would chase me, and i would have to run for the one tiny spot where there was a tree missing. i never got there, but i never got caught, either.

Responses from the Dreamers

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