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  Dream Number: #135
Dream Type: Terrifying
Date Posted: 9/4/2006

Pixi Jewels from Some small town in Pa remembers this:

Scary, hell!! This was just plain old terrifying. Ever since I've been a young girl I've always had dreams of the once living but now dead. Complete strangers to me. Sometimes they come with messages, at times not. Well, last night I had a dream of a middle aged woman. And it all started like this... Myself and a close friend (Stephanie) and another girl (unknown) was walking through an older home to which she was showing us. She had told us that this home was a "trick home" used for Halloween so to say. As we are walking up the not quite spiral but curved stair case a shot gun blast came blowing up through the stairs and had gazed my side. But not to worry "the girl" had replied it is just practice for tonight. We continue up the stairs into an emptied room with only a couch and an old coffee table covered with old dust. (can you smell the old in the air?) "The girl" begins to read a magazine to us of nothing important, meerly of how to make decorations out of construction paper. As she reads on ;here comes the middle aged, blonde woman on an old, old tricycle. (you know the type with the big wheels and the odd shapes handle bars) Well, I'm sitting on the edge of the couch and here she comes barreling into the wall, repeatedly. That's all she would do is keep running into the wall. I'm thinking that this is part of the practice for the fun house. She is making me quite nervous at this point. It was if I was the only one that took heed to her. So, I thought to myself maybe if I do something funny she'll laugh and that horried look of sollum sollice would leave her face. So I started barking at her. She turned to me and the tricycle ended up ontop of the table and she kept running into me, back and forth, back and forth. So I grabbed the wheel and continued to bark. And it was if as though she was out to get me. I woke up and had an actual anxiety attack. I pray to never encounter her or that place again. I hope you don't!
Any thoughts?


Responses from the Dreamers

From: shickamay

youre a freak? thats what i think

hahaa just playing

thats realy creepy tho, donno what to tell you cept i'd piss my pants

(Added: 3/16/2007)


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