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  Dream Number: #132
Dream Type: vampire
Date Posted: 8/6/2006

lynnisa from ottumwa iowa remembers this:

i rearly have theses kind of dreams, but if i do none of them spoke me a smuch asi do. my friend angie and i and my mom and sister isin it . is at the airport and this guy my mom is seeingin my dream si chasingus. well we all split and my mom and sister get ont heplane andleav and this guy is chasing angie and i and we get this girl to call securty. theses two guys come and take our report and this one kiss me, and the other one kiss my friend. well we end up with themand this is were it gets strange. they end up being vampires and and turn me and my friend. i get rescured finaly and say i will help the cops and other find the guy that turned me. ise e my friend and thsi guy drive andi go after the car getingher to s topandgetin. i try tog et them to tellme wherei belive his name is david and somehtign liekthat but they will not. thats wheni relize my friend andi are vampires and all.

Responses from the Dreamers

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