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  Dream Number: #129
Dream Type: DEAD PETS
Date Posted: 7/30/2006

WATERGIRL from PORTLAND, OREGON remembers this:

I have this dream often, at least once a month. My 2 dogs, a german shepherd and a cocker spaniel, have both been gone for 8 and 7 years, respectively. My dream is that I see them alive, and realize I've forgotten to feed and water them. I am amazed at how I could forget to do this, and begin to panic. I find I don't have dog food, and go to the store to buy, but come home without, then panic again. They don't look sick or thin, but rather happy. I did not ignore them in real life; quite the contrary, as they were my best companions and I loved them both dearly. I have this dream over and over again, with slight variations. Why would I have such a tormenting dream?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: lynnisa

i think it means,. that you miss them and have not totaly let them go yet. i know its hard there like family and all but maybe that is why you keep having them

(Added: 8/6/2006)

From: SkyGirl

I love dogs. I recently lost 5 dogs and a cat all in less than 2 years. I have since had numerous dreams about them. When I read your dream I had to write one that I had. It's sketchy at this point but I do remember that three of the dogs were in the backyard and I was surpised to see them. I was freaking out though because I had realized that they hadn't eaten in a long time! They didn't look sick or skinny though, they looked healthy. But I knew that I hadn't fed them and I was in a panic. So I went to get the dog food and was surprised to find some in a air-sealed white tub. I opened it and started scooping the food out for them. As dogs will do, they started eating right away. When I was still scooping it out I realized the food was FILLED with maggots! I screamed and made them stop eating.

(Added: 4/24/2007)


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Responses from Guests

From: troopermom

I think you torment yourself because you loved them so and perhaps feel you could have done more for them or made different choices at the end of their lives.

(Added: 8/24/2006)
From: shebashannon

I have this dream also a couple of times a month. I dream about my Golden Retriever and cats Sheba and Muffy (all deceased). I realise I havent fed them or given them water for days and am extremely guilty and upset. There is no food in the house and when I do find an old pet food can I cannot open it because I cannot find a can opener. I go to the shops to buy food and also somehow dont make it home with the food. I wake up sad and upset and always fully remember this dream and it stays with me for days. The weird thing is I had this dream this week that I was at my parents house and they had gone away and left me to feed their cat (which is still alive). Again I forgot to feed it and woke up with full knowledge of this. My Mom rang me the next day (and I hadnt spoken to her for months) and said that she had just gotten home from four days camping and was horrified to find out she had forgot to leave food for the cat. (the cat is like a king in their house). I told her of my dream and we both wondered if there were strange things going on (we live in separate countries).

(Added: 3/29/2007)

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