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  Dream Number: #124
Dream Type: death
Date Posted: 6/29/2006

beaker from Three Oaks remembers this:

ok i dont know who else can say this but i have died in dreams before, like at least 6 times and only two of those was falling and nothing happened. I was fine and i didnt die (well duh cuz im typing this right now). But i had this dream last night that freak the god living fuck out me. ok so this is what happened while i was sleeping and having this dream, i had this heart attack which was weird to begin with because im only 18 but so i had this heart attack and my dream flashed like it went dark for a few seconds and then it returned but i was in the hosiptal and they were doing a open heart surgery on me while i was awake and for some reason i didnt feal a thing but when they were done they were bandageing me up and it didnt feel right so im the dream i ripped the bandage off and i could feel it, plain as day it felt like i had just been stabbed right in the heart but i wasnt i stabbed i just took this bandage off in the dream, and so that pissed off the doctors and they rewrapped it and then i left the hospital i had another heart attack and it went dark again, then i woke up from the dream and my heart was in my throat and i couldnt breathe/i was breathe really heavy, and my heart hurt alot

so what do you guys think, ive been thinking about it all day i cant get my mind off of it, im actually kinda scared to go to sleep, which sucks cuz i like sleep, but if its gonna go and kill me then fuck that

so yeah send me a reply so i can see what you guys think, or you think i should do


Beaker (jamie)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ElizVanZee

A heart attack implies some malfunctioning of the heart which symbolically means there is some problem with your ability to love and feel compassion. Where/when you feel there is something wrong with your feelings of love or compassion, you momentarily lose hold of your full conscious awareness (it went dark) which also implies you are no longer using all your intelligence. You end up in a situation in which a cure for what is wrong with can be found. (in the hospital). In this case the cure is represented by open heart surgery. This means that there is some aspect of yourself (those operating on you) that would have you “open your heart” – extend your love and compassion beyond the limits you now have.

The bandages around the heart imply that you see yourself as being wounded – less then in perfect condition – where your ability to love and feel compassion is concerned. This idea makes you feel deeply hurt on an emotional level (felt like I had been stabbed in the heart) so you discard the image of being wounded. (took bandage off) By having the bandages put on a second time, it is indicated that the idea of seeing yourself as wounded in your ability to love or feel compassion is a negative and wrong idea. The second heart attack also confirms that the idea of there being some problem with your ability to love and feel compassion is a negative and wrong idea.

(Added: 6/30/2006)


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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

Hi beaker,

When I read your dream what occurred to me was that you are experiencing pain & struggle in some area of your life. There are others who are trying to help you (or who have tried to help in the past). You may not feel trust for these people for some reason and therefore you reject their advice/help/diagnosis.

In summary, I think the dream may be saying that you have struggled with some problem (seems to indicate emotional pain) but there is help available if you can allow yourself to trust the help being offered. It seems to be encouraging you that there is a way to healing and saying don't refuse the help even though it seems painful for the moment.

(Added: 7/11/2006)

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