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  Dream Number: #123
Dream Type: Infidelity?
Date Posted: 6/1/2006

strapmewi from remembers this:

My girlfriend woke up today and would barely talk to me, but said she "didn't want to talk about it"...

Later she sent me an email saying she was sorry about not talking - but that she had had a "very real, very vivid dream... that I cheated on you. It was so real that it hurt when I woke up." I don't know who it was with, what happened, etc. - that is all she told me in an email and said we'd talk more later...

So, as I've been cheated on before - now I'm worried about her and if this means something... HAS she cheated and it's bothering her? Does she WANT to cheat? Just wondering if anyone out there has had any dreams like this themselves or if they have had significant others who have had dreams like this...

Thanks for any advice...


Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

It depends on the context of the dream. Sometimes being intimate with someone in a dream represents not wanting to have sex with them, but to become intimate or knowlegeable of something that person has or a trait/talent that person has.

For instance if someone dreams that they sleep with Emeril Lagasse (chef) or Julia Childs (LOL) perhaps they have ambitions/dreams of becoming a chef. If someone dreams of sleeping with Ernest Hemmingway perhaps they have ambitions of becoming an awesome writer... you have to look at the characteristics of the person who was slept with in the dream...did she know them? What were they wearing? etc. Dreams are more often symbolic than literal, so it may represent something like this rather than infidelity...

(Added: 7/11/2006)


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